[asterisk-dev] Feature Request - new manager commands - 'getcontexts' and 'getcontext'

Brandon Kruse bkruse at digium.com
Sun Jun 10 23:33:55 CDT 2007

I do not think it would have that much overhead.

I may add it sometime this week and do some testing with pari and
check it out. If you have a system handling 400 users with decent
call flow, lets hope you can spend a little cpu to do the mass configuration.
Your box(es/en) will have to be pretty powerful anyways to handle that load.

The majority of the huge asterisk installs out there, I believe are done
through config file editing, if not realtime. People that have been
using asterisk for awhile, though I could be wrong..... :]

I think we could add this, crunch some numbers, and see what it does.

I know at least for me, and I can speak for pari too, It would make development easier.

Pari mainly, as I only do the janitor and new idea work ;]



I do realize where others are coming from.....possibly getting choppy audio because
people are clicking tabs to fast, that would be the last thing I want. If worst comes
to worsts we can say its slow because we want to keep asterisk at the peak performance level. (as it is now.)

The side effects could be horrendous, or very useful. Thats what testing is for (yes im volunteering :P )

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On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 05:29:08AM -0500, Pari Nannapaneni wrote:
> Tim wrote:
> > Wouldn't it be better to split the file up into smaller files each of  
> > which can be up/down loaded
> > with the existing mechanism ? All Pari then needs to do is to have a  
> > extensions.conf that 'includes' all the little files?
> >
> What we have now is working fine, except there are few times where we are forced to read
> an entire file on the client side - even if we are looking for just one context in it. So i requested
> having an option that can be used to retrieve just the particular context from a config file. 
> The question that was raised is - can we keep adding manager actions 
> like these to the web server, because the objective was to have a 
> really thin webserver that does not steal any significant 
> cpu cycles and to leave all the file parsing to the clients.

The web server indeed should do minimal processing. But this is not the
web server doing work. This is a matter of exposing useful information
available to Asterisk.

There has long been a CLI command 'show dialplan <context>'. So I
suspect that getting just a specific dialplan context is some very
relevant information. And probably the more general request of "get
section foo from onfig file bar".

Ditto for "get me a list of all the section titles from config file

Does that add much extra processing on the Asterisk server?

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