[asterisk-dev] SIP over TCP/SCTP

Olle E Johansson olle at voop.com
Sun Jun 10 08:08:24 CDT 2007

10 jun 2007 kl. 13.49 skrev Ibrar Ahmed:

> Hi,
> I have been working on asterisk since last 2/3 years. I have  
> implemented pay phone channel based on mgcp protocol(chan_mgcp.c)  
> and also worked on ss7 channel implementation. Now I feel I should  
> contribute on community. I am working on sip over TCP/SCTP. I have  
> some question about this
> 1 - Is any body working on this.
Yes for TCP, I have never got any requests for SCTP though.

> 2 - How much important this feature is.

See http://www.codename-pineapple.org for more information about  
changes that are being worked on.


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