[asterisk-dev] Feature Request - new manager commands - 'getcontexts' and 'getcontext'

Olle E Johansson olle at voop.com
Sun Jun 10 08:07:07 CDT 2007

> getcontexts(*new) - returns only the list of contexts in a config  
> file - and NOT their contents
>    like: action=getcontexts&filename=somefile.conf should return  
> just the list of all context names
>        [context-1]
>        [context-2]
> getcontext(*new) - returns the content of a particular context
>    like:  
> action=getcontext&filename=somefile.conf&context=context-1  should  
> return only context-1
>        [context-1]
>        exten = s,1,NoOp(line1)
>        exten = s,2,.....
I was thinking of adding these to the existing dialplan manager  
actions, so that we list only
the names of the contexts and not the content. A kind of filter  

I've seen the same problem with dialplan manager - let's see if I can  
integrate this into
moremanager... :-)


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