[asterisk-dev] Skinny protocol messages with recent Cisco phones-

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Tue Jun 5 11:13:33 MST 2007

I wrote:
> Traces of the following message types with 79X1 phones
> would be handy:

> 82		start tone
> 83		Stop tone
> 85		Set ringer message
> 9A		Clear display message
> 106		Close receive channel
> 111		Call state message

> I am also looking into:
> RECEIVED UNKNOWN MESSAGE TYPE:  9 (I think this is a line request)

OK, I managed to get a proper protocol decoder added to my
closed-source sniffer.  It looks like the new phones are
much pickier about the response packets.

1st up, the line_stat_res_message structure:
        uint32_t lineNumber;
        char lineDirNumber[24];
        char lineDisplayName[42];
        uint32_t space;

	Packet captures against CCM show that lineDisplayName
should be [24], and that 60 bytes of packet padding is 

        uint32_t lineNumber;
        char lineDirNumber[24];
        char lineDisplayName[24];
        uint32_t space[15];

So now the device registers and collects all of the 
proper settings.  The phone still does not work, throwing
errors for each of the response messages listed above.
I suspect that the same root cause applies, so I'll study
the CCM captures.

These changes DO NOT appear to break the older phones.


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