[asterisk-dev] ToDo for chan_skinny

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Mon Jun 4 15:34:39 MST 2007

Pavel wrote:
>> Dan Austin wrote:
>> Pavel wrote:
>>> when I tested keepalive patch with other phone types, 
>>> I discovered, that:
>>> ci$co 7961 (and probably all never models 7941, 7911, 7921): 
>>> is not supported at all by chan_skinny, phone doesn't even 
>>> register ci$co 7912: when call rings-in, "End call" softkey 
>>> button is displayed, but doesn't working (firmware 8.0(3))
>> The code lists the device types for the 7911, 7941 and 7961,
>> so providing the numbers are correct they should work.  The 
>> 7921 is not represented yet.
>> If we can get a packet capture of the devices trying to register,
>> we might be able to see why they are failing. 

> I can supply some chan_skinny debugs and/or tcpdump, when these '
> new phones trying to register, it seems, that phones uses some new
> feature set, because many messages like "unknown message type 
> received" appears on console, phone doesn't have dialtone.
> but another thing is, if we should spend time with this, because
> ci$co says, that is now "feature parity" between skinny and sip 
> firmware for this new units, and seems, that ci$co has plan to 
> migrate completely to sip, like their current action for
> partners/customers "slip to sip" :-) as I know, only wifi 7920 
> (and new 7921, surprisingly) and conference station 7935/36 has 
> no option to use sip firmware, though some older phones are 
> limited with sip, eg. missing xml and localization for 7905/12 
> (40/60).
Cisco's SIP features on the phones are getting close to parity
to skinny, but I get the feeling that the price is still using
CCM.  I believe that the 7921 has a SIP firmware in the works,
and that the 793[56] phone firmware is actually produced by

Oh, and the new XXX1 phones are supposed to be running a 
Java OS, so yes the registration format is likely to be
very different....

> What do you think about skinny support in asterisk? I think, that
> we still be in lag in features and hard to tell, if we can
>  sometimes even accomplish production ready support for 
> proprietary protocol :-\
I think the channel is coming along nicely.  Factor in how
miserable it can be to get a license to download SIP firmware
for used phones, and the channel becomes more appealing.

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