[asterisk-dev] ToDo for chan_skinny

Damien voip at facts.com.au
Mon Jun 4 14:35:13 MST 2007

Dan Austin wrote:
> Pavel wrote:
>> another issue with 7912:
>> when I pres "CallFWdAll" asterisk indicates it incorrectly 
>> as Do Not Disturb, it is also indcated on phone display
>> - but this text indication stays on display only until not 
>> touched to phone (call placed, menu accessed etc.), but 
>> feature is activated until next "CFwdAll" is pressed.
> The CallFwdAll feature is coded as DND currently, and does
> stay active until disabled.  There is a way to tell the phone
> to display a line instance icon to indicate that it is forwarded,
> but that is not implemented at this time.
> A proper CFA process should be:
>   1.  User presses CFA
>   2.  Chan_skinny presents dialtone and waits to collect digits
>   3.  If no digits are entered go on hook
>   4.  As digits are entered, check their validity
>   5.  Once a valid extension has been entered store it and
>       Go onhook
> That part is not too hard.  Now when a call comes in for the
> device/line chan_skinny would need to see if CFA was set and
> re-direct the number.  I'm not sure how that would look in
> the code....
> Dan
The hard bit would look very similar to transfer. Arguably, once 
transfer is implemented (is it on the todo list?), the call forward 
stuff would be trivial to implement.


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