[asterisk-dev] ast_queue_hangup when in a native bridge?

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Fri Jun 1 13:16:58 MST 2007

Cool thanks for the tip.

One last question (I hope), core show channels does
not list the sccp channel, it's already gone...
If I read ast_queue_hangup correctly, it is trying
to queue a frame on the channel.  Would that also
explain it?

I tried replacing ast_queue_hangup with 
ast_softhangup_nolock to test the locking theory before
I posted the question, and it hung in basically the same
manner. I have added a few ast_verbose calls around the
suspected issue, and they confirm where it goes south.


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Dan Austin wrote:
> The bad news is that since I wrote and tested the
> patch, something has changed.  When the skinny
> endpoint attempts to end the call with either
> the 'EndCall' softkey or by going on hook, the
> channel appears to hang in ast_queue_hangup()

If it is hanging there, that means another thread has the channel 
locked.  You could enable DEBUG_THREADS, and add some debug code to 
print out who has the channel locked, or attach with gdb to find out.

See the ast_mutex_info structure in include/asterisk/lock.h.  That is 
what is used for an ast_mutex_t when DEBUG_THREADS is enabled.

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