[asterisk-dev] ast_queue_hangup when in a native bridge?

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Fri Jun 1 12:01:13 MST 2007

I'm working on bringing forward my patch to
add native bridging to chan_skinny.

The good news is call setup works as expected,
and can be controlled with canreinvite/nat.

The bad news is that since I wrote and tested the
patch, something has changed.  When the skinny
endpoint attempts to end the call with either
the 'EndCall' softkey or by going on hook, the
channel appears to hang in ast_queue_hangup()

If the remote endpoint initiates the disconnect
it works.  If I prevent the native bridge, it works.
I suspect I am missing something glaringly obvious,
so any tips or pointers would be welcome.


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