[asterisk-dev] Another module for testing: chan_console

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Sat Dec 29 14:02:32 CST 2007


About a year ago, while I was on vacation, I started writing chan_console.  It
is a console channel driver that uses portaudio, a cross platform audio
interface library.  I wanted it because my laptop is a mac, and I wanted a
console channel driver that I could use with it.  However, it took a year, until
I went on holiday vacation again, to finally get motivated again and get it working.

While this channel driver supports ALSA and OSS, it is not in a state where it
could replace chan_oss and chan_alsa.  There are some features that would need
to be implemented; most notably, they are multiple device support and video
support.  However, I still think it is a candidate for merging into trunk, since
it provides basic console support for people using a mac.

This module may be useful for other things, as well, due to the other audio
interfaces portaudio supports.  I personally find the jack support pretty
interesting, but its support for Windows APIs may make it easier to have a
console channel driver for windows/cygwin.

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