[asterisk-dev] [Asterisk 0011377]: added a return variable to app_controlplayback that reports the key used to stop playback.

Johan Wilfer johan at wilfer.se
Sun Dec 16 18:20:54 CST 2007

okay, it seems like we have two choices either:
1) Remove the defaults
2) Keep the current default but if a defaulted key (# or *) is used for 
something else, default to null.

I guess I already explained my point of view well enough so I won't 
repeat myself.
Jason - would you like me to open a bug in the bug tracker for this, or 
do you handle it yourself?
The ball is yours..


Johan Wilfer wrote:
> Jason Parker wrote:
>> Johan Wilfer wrote:
>>> ...
>>> My suggestion is to simply default to no forward / rewind key. 
>>> Because if you would like to
>>> use your own logic in the dialplan and don't want to use the forward 
>>> / rewind you still have to provide
>>> two keys for this along with 0 as skip argument to neutralize this 
>>> default.
>>> Maybe the current default doesn't make sense anyway, and should be 
>>> changed. As stated on voip-info.org:
>>> "Note that as the *** key is on the left and the *#* button is on 
>>> the right of a  telephone keypad, it may make
>>> more sense to swap the default buttons: use *** for rewind and *#* 
>>> for forward."
>>> Could we remove these defaults?
>> I might as well throw in my $2.50, since my comment prompted this. :)
>> I'm a bit torn.  On one hand, I fully agree that forcing defaults is 
>> bad and
>> in your case, unwelcome.
>> On the other hand, I don't know if it would be a good idea to change the
>> defaults, as that would be an unexpected change in behavior (however, 
>> it would
>> only go in trunk, and can thus be documented in UPGRADE.txt)
> Aha, so you are Qwell, I see.. :-)
> I can't say I see any problem in changing this behavior in trunk. Two 
> reasons: If you upgrade from 1.4 to 1.6 there
> are likely to be other things you will have to fix. Fixing this would 
> be a matter of replace ControlPlayback(filename) with
> ControlPlayback(filename,,*,#). The other reason is that this is 
> backwards and a strange default (does anyone use it?).
>> Perhaps what would make sense, is some mixture of both.  If you just do
>> ControlPlayback(filename), I think * and # should be ffwd and rew (I 
>> also
>> agree that they are backwards...).  However, if you do
>> ControlPlayback(filename,,,,), I think maybe it could set them to 
>> NULL.  The
>> only problem I can see with this method, is that it would be an 
>> unexpected
>> change, if you only INTENDED to change skipms (or whatever is after 
>> ffwd and rew).
>> Another thought I had, was that in your case, you're wanting to set 
>> every key
>> to be a stop key.  What if we left the default behavior, except in 
>> the case
>> where stopkey has a key that would normally be a default (ffwd and 
>> rew)?  For
>> instance: ControlPlayback(filename,123456789*0).  In this case, * 
>> would be
>> ONLY a stop key, and # would continue to rewind.  If you were to put 
>> # into
>> stopkeys, then it would no longer act as rew.
>> I think I like the last method the best.  Thoughts?
> The last one is best if you would like to keep the current defaults.
> However - there might be situations there you would like to use 
> ControlPlayback like streamfile in AGI.
> With streamfile you can define which keys that are allowed to stop the 
> playback. It might be useful if the
> ControlPlayback application could be used in a similar way say 
> ControlPlayback(file,,,,0) to only allow
> the 0 to stop the playback.
> I think the more generic and simple the better.
> Greetings
> Johan

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