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Rawshan Iajdani iajdani at provati.com
Mon Dec 10 07:06:07 CST 2007

I am working on a calling card solution using Asterisk and A2Billing with
call back functionality (sms and caller id).
I outsource my server, outsourced my incoming phone line to third party. Now
stuck with SMS outsourcing. I don't want to setup a GSM modem physically in
USA and Canada as I don't reside there and there will be a maintenance
problem. I looked at some SMS gateway like ipip.com and clikatel. But they
cost me fortune. What I am looking for is to connect directly to the SMSC
server of mobile operator through API. I believe it will reduce the cost
drastically like other services I bought. Do you anybody knows any operator
who allows API access to their SMSC server in Canada or in usa???

Will appreciate. Could not find any with googling.


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On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 06:36:30AM -0600, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> > BTW there are three more places in this file where there is a ../ which
> > should become $(ASTTOPDIR) ?
> > 
> >   __embed_ldscript:
> >         @echo "../$(SUBDIR)/modules.link"
> >   modules.link:
> >         @rm -f $@
> >         @for file in $(patsubst %,$(SUBDIR)/%,$(filter %.eo,$^)); do
echo "INPUT (../$${file})" >> $@; done
> >         @for file in $(patsubst %,$(SUBDIR)/%,$(filter-out %.eo,$^)); do
echo "INPUT (../$${file})" >> $@; done
> That will probably work, but it'll make the linker script a lot larger
> if the path is long :-)

what long path ? i keep all my files in /   :)
(no, i don't, but i don't believe long paths are really a problem,
humans are not involved in reading them)


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