[asterisk-dev] [asterisk-commits] tilghman: trunk r81378 - /trunk/apps/app_readexten.c

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Thu Aug 30 11:27:37 CDT 2007

SVN commits to the Asterisk project wrote:

> +static char *descrip = 
> +"  ReadExten(<variable>[,[<filename>][,[<context>][,[<option>][,<timeout>]]]])\n\n"
> +"Reads a #-terminated string of digits from the user into the given variable.\n"
> +"  filename  file to play before reading digits or tone with option i\n"
> +"  context   context in which to match extensions\n"
> +"  option    options are:\n"
> +"              s - Return immediately if the line is not up,\n"
> +"              i - Play filename as an indication tone from your\n"
> +"                  indications.conf\n"
> +"              n - Read digits even if the line is not up.\n"

Can we improve this to use standard Asterisk terminology? 'line' should
be 'channel', and 'up' should be 'answered'.

Kevin P. Fleming
Director of Software Technologies
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