[asterisk-dev] AMI Atxfer v2

Paolo Ornati ornati at fastwebnet.it
Wed Aug 29 14:39:34 CDT 2007


This version is better  :)

Action: Atxfer
Synopsis: Attended transfer
Privilege: call,all
Description: do attended transfer.
Variables: (Names marked with * are required)
        *Channel: transferer Channel
        *Exten: Extension to transfer to
        *Context: Context to transfer to
        ActionID: Optional Action id for message matching.

I think that "Context" should be optional, while "Exten"... I don't

The behaviour of not specify "Exten" would be that it will be asked for
on the transferer channel. Can it be useful to some application?

	Paolo Ornati
	Linux 2.6.23-rc4-dirty on x86_64

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