[asterisk-dev] wanings

Dmitry Andrianov dimas at dataart.com
Fri Aug 24 09:34:00 CDT 2007

Hello all.

I regularly see following two messages on the console:


[Aug 24 17:42:32] NOTICE[21535]: res_features.c:1241
ast_feature_request_and_dial: Don't know what to do about control frame:


[Aug 24 18:01:52] WARNING[21652]: cdr.c:831 ast_cdr_init: CDR already
initialized on 'Local/7250 at incoming-pbx-04-0c14,1'


(it is the latest 1.4 branch from SVN)


Is it something well known s I should relax or should I start
investigating and filling issues on bug tracker for these?



Dmitry Andrianov

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