[asterisk-dev] AMI command for SIP Notify

Maxim Malygin mmalygin at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 03:24:10 CDT 2007

Regarding format of multiples devices:
How about single variable with comma-separated list of devices? For example:

Action: SIPnotify 
Notify: <notify-type> 
Peers: <sip-peer-name-1>,<sip-peer-name-2>,<sip-peer-name-3>,...,<sip-peer-name-N>

The same format can be used for a single device.


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Subject: [asterisk-dev] AMI command for SIP Notify 


In continue of work on bug 9896 I've decided to make manager command for 
notifying SIP devices. It make possible to notify big number of devices 
at one time. I have write code, but want to describe new command in -dev 
before submitting patch to tracker: 

Action: SIPnotify 
Notify: <notify-type> 
Peer: <sip-peer-name> 

or (for notify multiple devices): 

Action: SIPnotify 
Notify: <notify-type> 
Peers: 3 

But name "Peer" already in use. Should I use other name or use peer in 
format "Techology/Name"? 

Best regards, 
Goncharovsky Igor 

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