[asterisk-dev] Dial() Issues

critch critch at basesys.com
Tue Aug 21 21:22:35 CDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-08-21 at 16:45 -0700, Nicholas Blasgen wrote:
> http://www.bigred.com/asterisk/log.txt
> The above log show the issues.  I was able to get the ringing sound to
> work if I played a sound file before hand.  Doing so caused the
> ChannelID to change and that seemed to fix things.  Anyone know why
> the channel ID would have anything to do with the user hearing the
> ring sound? 

Yes, playing the sound caused asterisk to Answer() the line. Add
Answer() to your dialplan.

> On 8/21/07, Nicholas Blasgen <nicholas at blasgen.com> wrote:
>         Sorry to bother the Dev group, but maybe this question is best
>         answered by the dev group anyways.
>         With Asterisk 1.4.8, I've got a DIAL() command running
>         something like the following:
>         Dial(Local/2345678900&Local 
>         /2345678901&Local/2345678902&Local/2345678903,30,r) 
>         Then I have an extension:
>         _NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/sip_line/1${EXTEN},,r)
>         And the problem is that there seems to be a recent issue (and
>         it only happens for some users, or so it seems) that while the
>         call is being connected the user doesn't hear any ringing
>         sound.  When the person gets connected though, they have no
>         issues hearing the person on the other end or speaking.  I was
>         thinking for a while it was some issue with the audio channel
>         getting passed though, but I'm not sure anymore.  I'll do some
>         more tests, but does anyone have an idea?  Wish Asterisk would
>         dump some errors saying it's not able to send ringing audio
>         out (if that's the problem).
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>         /Nick
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> /Nick 
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