[asterisk-dev] Dial() Issues

Nicholas Blasgen nicholas at blasgen.com
Tue Aug 21 16:45:18 CDT 2007

Sorry to bother the Dev group, but maybe this question is best answered by
the dev group anyways.

With Asterisk 1.4.8, I've got a DIAL() command running something like the


Then I have an extension:


And the problem is that there seems to be a recent issue (and it only
happens for some users, or so it seems) that while the call is being
connected the user doesn't hear any ringing sound.  When the person gets
connected though, they have no issues hearing the person on the other end or
speaking.  I was thinking for a while it was some issue with the audio
channel getting passed though, but I'm not sure anymore.  I'll do some more
tests, but does anyone have an idea?  Wish Asterisk would dump some errors
saying it's not able to send ringing audio out (if that's the problem).

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