[asterisk-dev] Additional SNMP stats request

Jeff Gehlbach jeffg at jeffg.org
Tue Aug 21 13:04:02 CDT 2007


On 21Aug , 2007, at 11:32 AM, Justin Killen wrote:

> Right, doing this with a SIP channel, for example, would not make much
> sense, as these are 'virtual' ports.  For hardware channels though, I
> think it makes sense, as it can help to show utilization of the  
> physical
> hardware and aide in resource planning and expansion (as well as  
> provide
> justification to management).  So, it would be nice to have this at
> least at a channel level

The channel types for which this would work, I think, are Zap and  
mISDN.  I'm not an authority on channel drivers, though.

> (maybe it could even report back the max number
> of connections available e.g. 8 for a tdm808 or 32 for a t1, etc).  I
> think this would make sense for hardware implementations.

So it sounds as if, for fixed-capacity* channel types, you're asking  

1. Per-channel (tabular) instantaneous utilization stats, perhaps  
represented by a set of counters, each one representing the number of  
seconds the channel has been in a given state (active, idle, looped,  
2. Per-adapter (tabular) instantaneous utilization stats, perhaps a  
gauge representing total channels, plus one for each of the states a  
channel can be in

MIB sketch:

+- astFixedCapacityResources
+-+- astFCChanStatsTable
+ +- astFCChanStatsEntry
| |-+- astFCChanIndex
| |-+- astFCChanName
| |-+- astFCChanAdapter (keys to astFCAdapterStatsIndex)
| |-+- astFCChanActiveSec
| |-+- astFCChanIdleSec
| |-+- astFCChanLoopSec
| |-+- ...
+-+- astFCAdapterStatsTable
| +- astFCAdapterStatsEntry
| |-+- astFCAdapterStatsIndex
| |-+- astFCAdapterStatsName
| |-+- astFCAdapterStatsChannelsTotal
| |-+- astFCAdapterStatsChannelsActive
| |-+- astFCAdapterStatsChannelsIdle
| |-+- astFCAdapterStatsChannelsLoop
| |-+- ...

*Note that "fixed-capacity" is a term I just made up in my own mind;  
if an equivalent term already exists, we should use that instead.


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