[asterisk-dev] IAX2 changes - thank you!

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Wed Aug 15 17:25:53 CDT 2007

Russell Bryant wrote:
> I have been working on this test system for the past couple of days.  Yesterday, 
> I fixed a bunch of deadlocks in chan_iax2 that were exposed by this load test. 
> Today, I have been working on the crash.
> It was trivial to make this system crash, as described above.  However, every 
> backtrace was different.  Looking at each one led me to the conclusion that it 
> was due to poor (lack of) reference counting of the iax2_peer objects.
> I wrote a patch to fix this but I would like to get some testing on it before 
> commit.  Also, the ideal solution would be to go ahead and convert it to use 
> astobj2, but I'll leave that for another day.  It appears to be working on this 
> test system.
> The code, a branch off of 1.4, is here if anyone is interested in trying it out:
> $ svn co http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/team/russell/iax_refcount

Now the code in this branch uses astobj2.  I am feeling pretty good about it. 
It appears to be working but testing would be *much* appreciated as these 
changes are very invasive ...

Russell Bryant
Software Engineer
Digium, Inc.

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