[asterisk-dev] hard coded features code in chan_zap

Diego Iastrubni diego.iastrubni at xorcom.com
Thu Aug 9 06:57:05 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I found this piece of code in chan_zap:

} else if (p->cancallforward && !strcmp(exten, "*73")) {
	ast_verb(3, "Cancelling call forwarding on channel %d\n", p->channel);
	res = tone_zone_play_tone(p->subs[index].zfd, ZT_TONE_DIALRECALL);
	memset(p->call_forward, 0, sizeof(p->call_forward));
	getforward = 0;
	memset(exten, 0, sizeof(exten));
	len = 0;

What's the deal with it? Does it hardwire any zap device which dials *73 to 
disabling call forward? Because I was pretty sure it should have been 
something to be defined in the dialplan.

Should this code be removed from 1.6?

- diego

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