[asterisk-dev] Feature Request: Macro LOCK

Donny Kavanagh donnyk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 18:55:55 CDT 2007

You could use func lock within your macro on your dial.

Back porting func_lock to 1.4 should not be difficult.


On 8/7/07, Tilghman Lesher <tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 August 2007, Nicholas Blasgen wrote:
> > MacroExclusive was discussed in my orginal post.  Can't make a Dial()
> > application MacroExclusive or no one will be able to execute the
> > Dial() command.  I was just looking for a way to make it so part of
> > my code was Exclusive and part of it wasn't.  I'm trying to keep all
> > the code in the macro defined section, but I can't tell Asterisk
> > which sections should be exclusive and which not.  I guess I could
> > always call an exclusive macro inside a normal macro.
> You're certainly welcome to copy func_lock into 1.4 and use it there,
> if you like.  There's nothing currently about the code that would
> exclude its use in 1.4 (although it most certainly will not work in
> 1.2).
> Note that func_lock only permits a single lock to be held per channel
> (although the total number of named locks is unlimited).  This is mostly
> intended as a safeguard against deadlocks.
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