[asterisk-dev] Xorcom claims

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Sat Aug 4 08:03:58 CDT 2007

bob_is_me at cox.net wrote:
> Xorcom claims that:
> Currently Zaptel PCI cards do not synchronize the PC clock. As a result, with the current version of Zaptel PCI cards can not be synchronized.
Have you seen anyone claim that Zaptel cards *can* synchronise? Recently 
Sangoma finally added an option to synchronise some of their cards, but 
still only some. Digium offers no card to card synchronisation at all. 
This situation is really pathetic.
> from their press release at: http://www.xorcom.com/documentation/white_papers/fax_modem
> Tzaifir has been pushing a patch that tries to help the USB / interrupt latency issues of zaptel and they come accross as telling the market that zaptel doesn't work without their patch. period. Is this true?
They say FAX and modems don't work reliably between two cards. Have you 
any evidence to the contrary? If you have, its bogus. Without 
synchronisation they simply can't.
> Once again, point me at the problem and I will fix it. Xorcom is pushing a blatant lie here, and I am calling them out on it.
The problem is so blatantly obvious, that if you can't see it for 
yourself, your chances of being able to do something about it are slim. 
You actually cannot fix the problem in the general case, as most cards 
cannot be synced. Xorcom has made provision in their hardware to do 
something about this. I have had a lot of problems with it on the test 
unit I have here, but it looks like they are finally getting it to work.


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