[asterisk-dev] CLI development questions

Vasil Kolev vasil at ludost.net
Fri Aug 3 14:54:58 CDT 2007

В пт, 2007-08-03 в 14:05 -0500, Russell Bryant написа:
> Dylan VanHerpen wrote:
> > But full blown grep would be great too:
> > 
> >           sip show channels | grep foo
> asterisk -rx "sip show channels" | grep foo
> :)
This doesn't work some times, for example you get some other output
also, especially on really loaded servers (I've tried using some stuff
like this for some scripts and found it unreliable). My impressions are
mostly with 1.2, I'll try recreating this Monday when I see some load on
a few 1.4 machines and will open a bug (if this should be considered a
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