[asterisk-dev] meetme and DTMF going from Zap to SIP-IAX2

Matt Florell astmattf at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 14:23:21 CDT 2007

On 8/2/07, Russell Bryant <russell at digium.com> wrote:
> Matt Florell wrote:
> > Here is the problem in more detail, I have no issues with DTMF going
> > from Zap channel to other Zap channels within a meetme room. Also, I
> > don't have issues with VOIP channels (IAX2/SIP) receiving DTMF from
> > another VOIP channel in a  meetme room. The problem is when DTMF
> > originates from a Zap channel, it is not sent on to the VOIP channels
> > in the meetme room in any way where they are detectable, which is what
> > I need it to do.
> Before Asterisk 1.4, there was no way to tell MeetMe to pass through all DTMF in
> a conference.  Have you tried using the 'F' option in 1.4?

Thank you very much for responding,

Due to stability issues with 1.4 I have not tried it in high-volume
production since testing it a few months ago. I will have to see if
the more recent releases of 1.4 are now up to the stability level of
the later 1.2.X tree releases.

Is there any way to backport the DTMF passthrough to 1.2.X? or have
there been too many fundamental changes in how app_meetme.c is



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