[asterisk-dev] Better pattern matching

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Thu Aug 2 10:26:03 CDT 2007

On Thursday 02 August 2007 10:55:58 am Vasil Kolev wrote:
> В чт, 2007-08-02 в 10:26 -0400, Leif Madsen написа:
> > 2) The ability to have an alias or shortcut to say, "use the previous
> > pattern match", similar to the 'n' priority (or rather, the 's'
> > priority), so I can write a complex pattern match, BUT only have to write
> > it on the first priority
> >
> > exten => nancy|jim|james,1,NoOp()
> > exten => p,n,Verbose(1|My current EXTEN is ${EXTEN})
> > exten => p,n,Playback(silence/1&tt-weasels)
> > exten => p,n,Hangup()
> Please rethink this - it would make grep-ing through the files useless,
> and most of the time it's the fastest way to see what goes where
> (especially if you need to go through multiple files).

If you wanted to specify the pattern match on every line, nothing I've 
suggested here prevents that, just like the ability to have 'n' doesn't stop 
you from explicitly defining the priority numbers.

Leif Madsen.

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