[asterisk-dev] meetme and DTMF going from Zap to SIP-IAX2

Matt Florell astmattf at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 20:37:21 CDT 2007


I've had issues with meetme and DTMF with Asterisk since pre 1.0 days,
and I always found a way around my specific problem until now, and I
need some help from a meetme-coding guru to figure out how to get over
my latest issue.

Here is the problem in more detail, I have no issues with DTMF going
from Zap channel to other Zap channels within a meetme room. Also, I
don't have issues with VOIP channels (IAX2/SIP) receiving DTMF from
another VOIP channel in a  meetme room. The problem is when DTMF
originates from a Zap channel, it is not sent on to the VOIP channels
in the meetme room in any way where they are detectable, which is what
I need it to do.

I've tinkered with the app_meetme.c and app_rpt.c code quite a bit and
just cannot get it to work. Some of the things I've tried are trying
to find the place in app_meetme.c where DTMF is detected(which works
for all types of channels) and then sending out those DTMF frames to
all channels(which does not work) and I have even tried playing audio
recordings of the DTMF tines when DTMF frames are detected, this never
seems to get to the SIP/IAX channels, and actually just ends up
sending duplicate DTMF to the Zap channels.

I do not know if the problem of DTMF transmission is in app_meetme,
app_rpt, channels.c or even in the zaptel codebase, but I have an idea
that pseudo zap channels are responsible somewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I will even pay for a working
and stable solution on Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4(which I will disclaim to
Digium of course for possible inclusion into the code base)



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