[asterisk-dev] Failure route problem

Rosa De Santis rosadesantis at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 1 18:07:07 CDT 2007

Hi List.
I have a problem with failure_route block.
It used to work but stoped working after I updated from SER verision 0.9.3 to 0.9.6.

I see this console output when the call hangs up after timeout when the called phone does not anwser, and should enter to failure_route:
 1(31927) DEBUG: timer routine:1,tl=0xb5d57ed8 next=(nil)
 1(31927) DEBUG: final_response_handler:stop retr. and send CANCEL (0xb5d57db0)
 1(31927) ->>>>>>>>> T_code=180, new_code=408
 1(31927) DEBUG: relay_reply: branch=0, save=0, relay=0
 1(31927) parse_headers: flags=-1
 1(31927) check_via_address(xxx, xxx, 0)
 1(31927) ERROR: warning_builder: buffer size exceeded
 1(31927) WARNING: warning skipped -- too big
 1(31927) DEBUG: add_to_tail_of_timer[4]: 0xb5d57e5c
 1(31927) DEBUG: add_to_tail_of_timer[0]: 0xb5d57e6c
 1(31927) DEBUG: reply relayed. buf=0x812fa40: SIP/2.0 4..., shmem=0xb5d59530: SIP/2.0 4
 1(31927) DBG: trans=0xb5d57db0, callback type 128, id 0 entered
 1(31927) DEBUG: cancel_branch: sending cancel...
 1(31927) DEBUG: add_to_tail_of_timer[4]: 0xb5d57f28
 1(31927) DEBUG: add_to_tail_of_timer[0]: 0xb5d57f38
 1(31927) DEBUG: final_response_handler : done

This is my simplified failure_route code. I can't even see the first log in output:

	log(1, "___________________FAILURE - ROUTE on no-response or busy __________________\n");
	if (t_check_status("486") || t_check_status("480")) {
	          log(1, "___________________FAILURE - ROUTE on busy __________________\n");
                   ///// code for busy
	} else {
		if (t_check_status("408")){
	           log(1, "___________________FAILURE - ROUTE on no-response __________________\n");
                  ///////// code for not response

Any ideas, please?

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