[asterisk-dev] Beginner question - Opening project in kdevelop

Thiago Paiva Flores tloginbh at yahoo.com.br
Mon Apr 30 05:45:05 MST 2007

I dont really know if this is the best place to post
this. If it's not here, please point somewhere for me
to go.

I'm having a really hard time trying to compile the
project under kdevelop. I'm really a beginner, so most
problably it's something simple. I've downloaded the
and decompressed it to a directory. Then I opened
kdevelop and used the option "Import Existing Project"
and pointed to the directory that I've decompressed
the source. The project type selected is "Generic C
Application (Automake-based)". I put a name in the
project (Asterisk) and click in OK. Then it imports
the files. After this I click in "Build-->Run
Configure". It runs with no problems. And now I try to
build the project or Install and it gives me the
message "There is no MakeFile in this directory and no
configure script for this project. Run automake &
friends and configure first?". If I click in "Run
them" it says "There is neither a MakeFile.cvs file
nor an autogen.sh script in the project directory.".

thanks a lot for the attention,

Thiago Paiva Flores

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