[asterisk-dev] Manager or.... ????

Nicolás Gudiño nicolas at house.com.ar
Fri Apr 27 15:26:38 MST 2007

>>> I've been working a bit with the AMI interface lately. Several times 
>>> when I've logged in,
>>> I've gotten SIP debug output over the manager TCP/IP socket.
>>> Has this happened to anyone else or is it just the revenge of the 
>>> SIP bugs?
>> It has not happened to me, mainly because I almost never use the 
>> manager interface, but I have heard comments about this on IRC a few 
>> times.  I don't think it has been officially reported in the bug 
>> tracker, though.
> Thanks. At least I'm not alone in my insanity then... ;-)
> Have a nice weekend!
I had a similar issue, but not in the manager but in the queue_log file, 
with sip debug output interlaced with regular queue_log lines. I have 
seen this on a customer's machine.

Best regards,

Nicolas Gudiño

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