[asterisk-dev] ChanSpy and MeetMe

Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Thu Apr 26 00:20:18 MST 2007

> I'm willing to try anything at this point but I'm not sure how the Dial
> solution you suggest will generate something like what I need; I've
> tried dialing channels currently in a MeetMe conference and my the
> dialer always gets put on call waiting.  Obviously I'm missing a piece
> of the puzzle; I'm just not sure what.
actualy the Dial command should be
note the /n at the end (see doc/localchannel.txt).
If SIP/123 instead of joining the conference with MeetMe() is dialing via the
local channel to 3399 at Conferences (Dial(Local/3399 at Conferences\n)) where you have:

exten => 3399,1,MeetMe()

This be a normal call and you should be able to spy on it (or as in my case to
limit the call using L option). I have just tested spying on a channel this
way without problems.

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