[asterisk-dev] Re: qwell: branch 1.2 r2434 - /branches/1.2/

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Wed Apr 25 21:34:43 MST 2007

On Wednesday 25 April 2007 10:28:52 Michael L. Young wrote:
> Since this is a production box, I quickly went back to asterisk 1.4.2,
> zaptel 1.4.1, libpri 1.4.0 after it crashed the first time and then trying
> zaptel 1.4 branch with the same results.  I didn't have time to try zaptel
> 1.4.1 with asterisk 1.4.3.

Shouldn't you be testing on your testing/development box before pushing things 
out to your production server?


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