[asterisk-dev] Re: Welcome to the "asterisk-dev" mailing list (Digest mode)

William william at rach.com.sg
Wed Apr 25 21:13:45 MST 2007


I'm new to asterisk.

This few days I was trying to compile asterisk with OH323. Because I 
want my SoftPhone > Asterisk IP PBX  > Quintum A800 H323 > ISDN.

But during compiling OH323 I faced the following problem. Look like the 
file is missing.

chan_oh323.c:37:34: asterisk/channel_pvt.h: No such file or directory


Below is my step to compile asterisk with OH323.

   1. Download Asterisk asterisk-1.2.17.tar.gz
   2. Download oh323 openh323-v1_19_0_1-src-tar.gz
   3. Download pwlib pwlib-v1_11_0-src-tar.gz
   4. Compile asterisk and install
   5. Compile pwlib
   6. Set environment variable "PWLIBDIR" to path of pwlib source.
   7. Compile openh323
   8. Modify Makefile of oh323. Change "PWLIBDIR", "OPENH323DIR", 
"ASTERISKINCDIR" to the path of the source code(Remember to append 
"/include" in ASTERISKINCDIR).
  9. Compile oh323 with "make && make install".
  10. By default oh323 wrapper will be installed in "/usr/local/lib", 
which is defined as OH323WRAPLIBDIR in Makefile. Add the path to 
/etc/ld.so.conf and run "ldconfig".

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