[asterisk-dev] PRI call setup sequence customization / hack

Carlos Hernandez carlosh at linuxservices.co.nz
Mon Apr 23 07:54:02 MST 2007

Hi list;

I need a guru's support to break the PRI (euroISDN) standard for us...

For one project, basically we need to interrupt the outbound call after 
we detect that the number is valid or not, and push result to a DB or 
cvs file.

Another customer (coincidentally) needs pretty much the same job but 
They need when call arrives with CLID enabled, then log the call.
If call arrives from CLID = unknown, then send the call to IVR, to 
prompt for a code, etc.

Please reply off list if you can help us with these two projects, with 
your rate.

Thank you,
Carlos H.

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