[asterisk-dev] SRTP implementation

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Mon Apr 23 09:29:27 MST 2007

>Hello, Asterisk guru,
>I need to implement security support for media traffic into 
>Asterisk. As I know man use SRTP for such things.
>Is there any working asterisk srtp implementation?
>Thanks in advance
>Best Regards
>Alexander Olekhnovich

SRTP for Asterisk is "ready for testing", though the last active 
patch submitter stated that he needed to get a new patch about a 
month ago and there has been no activity there since.

To morph this into a -dev thread: if this patch were to become 
(again) useful and error-free, is there any objection or usefulness 
in adding it to TRUNK?  Personally, I think there is, if there is a 
method by which SRTP can be activated or de-activated from within the 
dialplan based on prior shared secrets.  However, I have heard others 
disagree and object that without signalling-based secure key 
exchange, SRTP is not worth the effort.  Opinions?



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