Antw: Re: [asterisk-dev] How to bind extern include files or libs into * 1.4

Brian Capouch brianc at
Sun Apr 22 10:20:07 MST 2007

Russell Bryant wrote:

> 4) Set some information in the module itself to indicate that it depends 
> on the library.  In pbx_dundi, we have this special block:
>     <depend>zlib</depend>
>  ***/
> This tells the build system that pbx_dundi depends on zlib.  So, 
> menuselect will not let you select it if it is not found.  Also, the 
> Makefile will automatically include the information from ZLIB_INCLUDE 
> and ZLIB_LIB for building the module.
> That should be everything.  There are some more complicated examples in 
> the tree.  For example, chan_zap can use libpri and libss7, but it does 
> not require it for it to be compiled and installed.  The build system 
> accounts for all of that.

One last little mystery that would save me some manual hacking when I do 
my cross-compile builds:

I am working on a couple of modules that require the CURL library.  I 
haven't quite figured out yet where the RHS of this line in makeopts 

CURL_LIB=-L/usr/lib -lcurl -lidn -lz -lssl -lcrypto -ldl -lz

In other words, who is in charge of figuring out those library 
dependencies?  I have grepped byself blue in the face through the 
sources and don't see just how that gets done.

The reason I ask is that it doesn't appear as if the idn libraries are 
truly required--things run just fine if I don't link the module against 
it--and yet it magically appears in that file each time, out of "thin air."

Or so it seems.  I'll take my chances on getting the dunce cap in order 
to keep from having to fix this each time I do a build.



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