[asterisk-dev] Ztdummy don't work with Dell optiplex 320

Sylvain Boily sboily at proformatique.com
Sat Apr 21 00:11:46 MST 2007


I've been working the next week with this Dell model and i have saw
ztdummy doesn't work. I have lot off log on dmesg when ztdummy was
loading who said an error with rtc module.
Ztdummy is loaded but when we want musiconhold, playback or meetme, we
don't have any sound. I have testing the same configuration with TDM400
and it's working.
I'm using zaptel 1.2.16 and asterisk 1.2.17 on Debian Etch with kernel
2.6.18. I have just compiled from the original source.
What informations did you want for tracking this problem ?

Thank you.

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