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Hoai-Anh Ngo-Vi Hoai-Anh.Ngo-Vi at
Thu Apr 19 23:41:14 MST 2007

Thank you for your response.

For basical understanding. When I write something for 1.4, let's say app_superprog.c, using external libraries (e.g MySQL). Could I add the mentioned things to ASTCFLAGS and ASTLDFLAGS in apps/Makefile?

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>>> russell at 19.04.2007 17:48 >>>

----- "Hoai-Anh Ngo-Vi" <Hoai-Anh.Ngo-Vi at> wrote:
> I want to customize logger.c using MySQL. In the prior version to 1.4
> I just need to edit the Makefile adding:
> INCLUDE+=-I/usr/include/mysql
> ...
> LIBS+=-L/usr/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient
> and it works. How can I do this  for * 1.4?

You can add these things to ASTCFLAGS and ASTLDFLAGS in main/Makefile.

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