[asterisk-dev] app_voicemail.c developpement

David Florella, Legos dflorella at legos.fr
Wed Apr 18 00:48:35 MST 2007

Hi everyone, 


            I'm French, and my English is not very good. So, I excuse me. I
have the project to personalize the voicemail's IVR. During the intro
message (when you call the voicemail of someone), Asterisk pronounce the
number of the personal extension number by number (like that : 0.1..2.3.)
and I would like it pronounce it by couple of numbers (like that : 01.23.).
I have read on forums that I have to modify the app_voicemail.c to do it. Is
there another solution to modify the voicemail's IVR without modify the
app_voicemail.c ? And I want to know if you have ideas about the way I can
do this modificaton ?


Thank you.

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