[asterisk-dev] Asterisk Manager & Extension State

Blake Krone blakekrone at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 08:34:13 MST 2007

Hopefully this is the right list to get some help from.

I'm looking for a way to retreive the call details of a ringing
extension via the manager.

I've got it as far as I can see that the extension is "ringing"
according to ExtenState command, but how can I get the caller ID of
the call that is coming in? I've been looking at the Status command,
but the block shows up as:

Event: Status
Privilege: Call
Channel: SIP/1020-09fdc0f8
CallerID: 1020
State: Ringing
Uniqueid: 1176780207.76

Which doesn't contain the caller information. The channel for the
caller shows up as:

Event: Status
Privilege: Call
Channel: SIP/1000-09fb8a68
CallerID: 1000
CallerIDName: Blake Krone
State: Ring
Context: macro-dial
Extension: s
Priority: 10
Seconds: 57
Uniqueid: 1176780206.75

But how can I make 100% certain that the caller status is the correct
one for the called status? Can I always assume that the uniqueid field
is .01 less for the caller? Or is there a better command/method to get
the information? I am using PHP to connect to the manager and am
passing this information to a website.


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