[asterisk-dev] custom-cdr output to syslog hack

Michael Iedema michael at askozia.com
Tue Apr 17 07:12:55 MST 2007

Greetings devs,
I'm working on an embedded project where all logging facilities must
be circularized (fixed size logs, not log rotation) to keep my ram
disk from getting eaten up.  I already have a clogged syslog
implementation and, instead of reinventing the wheel writing a clogged
cdr handler, I'm hacking cdr output to syslog.

This is how I'm doing it:
- defining LOG_CDR in the asterisk logger
- in custom_log, outputting the custom-cdr buffer to LOG_CDR with ast_log

My questions are, is there a better way to hack cdr to syslog?  Did I
miss some functionality in the cdr or logging systems that would allow
me to accomplish this circular behavior, avoiding hackery?

Thanks in advance for your time,
--Michael I.

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