[asterisk-dev] IAX2 OSP support - issue 8531

Di-Shi Sun di-shi at transnexus.com
Thu Apr 12 18:23:16 MST 2007

Hi All,

Thank you for your commnets about the IAX OSP patch. I want to clearify several things about our proposal.

First, OSP protocol does not only be used for post call information collection, or CDR. It is also used for call authorization and authentication. For authorization and authentication purpose, the best way is to pass OSP token in the first call setup message, such as INVITE message of SIP, Q931 SETUP message of H323 and NEW of IAX. If the authorization and authentication fail, Asterisk can deny the call immeditely without any overhead.

Second, in our proposal, we suggest the new IAX OSP IE type as optional. If the user does not want to use the OSP support, no any OSP date in the NEW messages. Also as Kevin had mentioned, the OSP token for IAX is encoded and compacted to make it as small as possible. The OSP token size for SIP and H323 is normaly several k.

BTW, I had discussed with Paul about his CAHNNEL function proposal off line. I think it is a good idea. But I am not sure if it is easy to implement. It involves all channels.


Di-Shi Sun.

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