[asterisk-dev] IAX2 OSP support - issue 8531

Paul Cadach paul at odt.east.telecom.kz
Thu Apr 12 10:57:36 MST 2007


Russell Bryant wrote:
> The patch introduces a new dialplan function, IAXCHANINFO(), which lets 
> you set
> the OSP token.  However, as I read the code, you could set it with either
> IAXCHANINFO() or IAXVAR(), and retrieve it with either one on the other 
> side as
> well.

Could we move all channel-related variables into CHANNEL() functionality? It 
will simplify and generalize a way to access such variables...

Currently we have at least IAX-specific and SIP-specific channel variable 
functions, which makes people to take care about which channel technology is 
used to place a call. Combining them as common CHANNEL() variables will 
simplify overall dialplan design in most cases, including OSP support.


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