[asterisk-dev] Cross Compile options

Vadim Lebedev vadim at mbdsys.com
Thu Apr 12 05:15:45 MST 2007

Phil Wilshire wrote:

> HI All,
> I have searched the list and have almost found what I need.
> What are the correct cross compile options for
> building asterisk-1.4.2 for a ppc target on an x86 system
> ( using ppc_8xx-gcc from the eldk )
> I see the the use of CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_8xx- is deprecated but
> I cannot seem to get the correct --host, --build and --target options
> defined.
> A simple README.crosscompile would be great.
> Thanks for any help.
> Phil Wilshire
Ah, i feel somebody porting * to PS3 before me?

Am i right?


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