[asterisk-dev] SVN-trunk: buildinfo.c bombs on openWRT xcompile

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Sun Apr 8 23:38:32 MST 2007

I just built r60851 for my openWRT MIPSEL routers.

Strangely, in ~/main/buildinfo.c the #include "asterisk/build.h" 
couldn't find the include file and caused the build to bomb.  This 
hasn't ever happened before, and I see that other files in that 
directory with the exact same #include built just fine.

I symlinked ~/include/asterisk/build.h into the ~/main subdir and things 
built just fine. !@#$!@#$???

I see the Makefile has had some recent changes (the libmime stuff) and 
wonder if something there hasn't subtly changed to cause this error.

FYI, sorry I can't fix it beyond my pitiful kludge.


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