[asterisk-dev] ASTFIN.ORG - Release Announcment

Pawel Pastuszak pawel at astfin.org
Sun Apr 8 18:28:52 MST 2007

Sunday April 8, 2007.

The latest Blackfin uClinux Asterisk distribution called astfin has been

It runs Asterisk 1.4.2 on STAMP and BlackfinOne platforms, it supports 4fx
and pr1 boards and will soon support the production IP04 hardware. The
authors have used the concept of Buildroot to make the very complex
embedded build process very simple. Astfin is the successor to uCasterisk,
and is where intense Blackfin Asterisk software development and testing is
now focused. The svn access is available at http://astfin.org. This is the
first public beta thus tester's feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Astfin Team

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