[asterisk-dev] Mantis Issue Review Meeting Notes

Jure Petrovic fonz at siol.net
Sat Apr 7 04:18:04 MST 2007


I must say that I like imagination.
But don't you think you had a little bit too much of
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? 

Just kidding:)


> Absolutely. We need to do some serious future research, like the
> requirements for 3D holographic conference sessions with some
> 2D and 4D clients - media, text, holo and possibly feeling too.
> We need to stay multiprotocol and not only do transcoding of codecs,
> but have an API for format changes within a codec and gateways.
> - "Sir, you have received a request for a 4D session from Alpha
> Centauri while you where out. Would you like to feel the message?"
> Reminds me of the research done to come up with proposals for
> IPv6. Like how many IP addresses would be needed if every
> electrical socket needed an address. And what if mankind
> moved out in space and expanded beyond the realms of earth,
> what would be the impact on the IP protocol (not too far out, some
> serious research has been done by no other than Vint Cerf in this
> area). I can imagine the mail on Asterisk-users:
> - "I have some serious echo on all calls coming in from Mars. And only
> one-way holographic transmission. Smell is fine though."
> - "You need IPv7 NAT support with a transplanet ALG on the moon
> to fix that issue. Please read the FAQ before sending mail about
> common issues!"
> Maybe we should ask the community for some input on requirements
> for IP communications session setup, being multiprotocol and  
> multiformat.
> What can we expect? We already have sessions with three media streams,
> text, audio and video. There's some interesting scenarios that may  
> happen,
> and already happens, within Asterisk there.
> Happy easter!

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