[asterisk-dev] Mantis Issue Review Meeting Notes

Olle E Johansson olle at voop.com
Sat Apr 7 02:51:23 MST 2007

6 apr 2007 kl. 17.14 skrev Kevin P. Fleming:

> Olle E Johansson wrote:
>> But what's the format of the attachment? Back to codec negotiation
>> again. I would call it "call properties negotiation"
>> because it is more than codecs - it will soon also become security
>> properties.
> Given the importance and complexity of this issue, I am already making
> plans to devote some serious time at the DevCon to work on it... it  
> will
> really require a bunch of brainstorming, playing with ideas and  
> such to
> come up with a solution we can live with long-term.

Absolutely. We need to do some serious future research, like the
requirements for 3D holographic conference sessions with some
2D and 4D clients - media, text, holo and possibly feeling too.
We need to stay multiprotocol and not only do transcoding of codecs,
but have an API for format changes within a codec and gateways.

- "Sir, you have received a request for a 4D session from Alpha
Centauri while you where out. Would you like to feel the message?"

Reminds me of the research done to come up with proposals for
IPv6. Like how many IP addresses would be needed if every
electrical socket needed an address. And what if mankind
moved out in space and expanded beyond the realms of earth,
what would be the impact on the IP protocol (not too far out, some
serious research has been done by no other than Vint Cerf in this
area). I can imagine the mail on Asterisk-users:

- "I have some serious echo on all calls coming in from Mars. And only
one-way holographic transmission. Smell is fine though."

- "You need IPv7 NAT support with a transplanet ALG on the moon
to fix that issue. Please read the FAQ before sending mail about
common issues!"

Maybe we should ask the community for some input on requirements
for IP communications session setup, being multiprotocol and  
What can we expect? We already have sessions with three media streams,
text, audio and video. There's some interesting scenarios that may  
and already happens, within Asterisk there.

Happy easter!

/O ;-)

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