[asterisk-dev] Mantis Issue Review Meeting Notes

Dwayne Hubbard dhubbard at digium.com
Thu Apr 5 14:22:32 MST 2007

During this week's (04/04/2007) Issue Review conference call, we reviewed 16 reported issues.  The tracked issues that were closed out prior to the meeting were replaced with the oldest issues that were not assigned to anyone.  Most of these issues are in the "ready for testing" state and have been there for some time.  Below are the issues we discussed during the meeting:

-Issue 4825, "new codec negotiation algorithm" - Dwayne will review the patch and summarize during the next couple of weeks

-Issue 5208, "sayalpha does not read special characters such as ',' and '/'" - Prompts sent out and waiting for response

-Issue 5823, "Monitor() recordings have 12dB too much gain" - looks like the original reason behind the gain preprocessor definition was for voicemail, and for listening to voicemails on a pc.  There is now an option in voicemail.conf for this scenario.  Dwayne will commit the changes.

-Issue 5841, "Bridge two channels via a Dialplan app or an AMI event" - Russell to investigate

-Issue 5881, "Allow use of separate MySQL servers for SELECT and UPDATE queries" - This is a low priority issue, Corydon volunteered to investigate

-Issue 6019, "forced bypass switch in pbx.c – makes realtime (or other switch) master" - Low priority task, Dwayne did some research last week, but not yet ready to propose a solution to the community.

-Issue 6683, "fix for callerid on indian pstn" - needs testing before it gets committed to trunk

-Issue 6910, "play agent num to caller in queue" - no update this week.

-Issue 7011, "libpri locks up if an external resource-hungry process is run on the same system" - no update this week

-Issue 7224, "initial patch for doing simple message flagging" - Low priority task, no changes this week.

-Issue 7420, "addon for automon" - No disclaimer.  Dwayne investigating an alternative solution

-Issue 7497, "GROUP_COUNT returns invalid result on calls from queue to agentcallback or local channel" - A branch is available for test at http://svn.digium.com/view/asterisk/team/file/groupcountv2 , this issue is waiting for feedback as a problem may exist with the current implementation.  If anyone is available to test and provide feedback, please do so.

-Issue 7793, "Call progress monitoring on outbound calls not detecting SIT tones" - Consensus is that CallP is experimental and unstable.  No update this week

-Issue 8228, "Segmentation Fault when a call is transferred from a queue" - No update this week

-Issue 8277, "ztdynamic alarm handling, clock source master handling" - No update this week

-Issue 8016, "Using ODBC storage, the message is not correctly entered into database if reviewed by sender" - Russell to investigate

Next week's meeting will be on Wednesday 4/11 at 1:00 pm Central Time.  If anyone would like an issue discussed during this meeting, please contact me off list.

Dwayne Hubbard
Software Developer

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