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> hi,
> is there any reason why the rtp is in the core and not possibly a
> module?
> I mean, if your * just receive and throw zap channels, having this rtp
> in
> the core is really pointless.
> The problem is that for embeded system, the final bin is pretty huge,
> since
> it has so much stuff built-in (rtp is just one).
> Could we port rtp.c to a module (res_rtp.c, maybe), which would offer
> the
> possibility to unload it in some setups, where rtp isnt implicated.
> Thanks.

	I have another app with an RTP server that I've integrated with
Asterisk. But I have two redundant (not in a good way) RTP servers. If
Asterisk's RTP server were modular, I could use it for the other app, or
drop it to use the other app's server. And it would be easier to make
clusters of just the RTP servers for load balancing.

> Clod Patry 

(C) Matthew Rubenstein

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