[asterisk-dev] Voicemail to text translation

ryan brindley rbrindley at digium.com
Wed Apr 4 09:21:53 MST 2007

Eric "ManxPower" Wieling wrote:
> ryan brindley wrote:
>> I did a project with a friend in high school (6 years ago) that took 
>> a sound file and used speech recognition to convert what was said 
>> into a text file, from there you could search that (or all) text 
>> file(s). We tested with custom-made mp3s and song mp3s (It was being 
>> designed as a note-taking system for our college courses). Of course, 
>> this was done in a Windows environment and used Sappy, but it's 
>> support that your idea is possible.
> Were your sound files limited to 8Khz, mono, with the dynamic range of 
> a motorcycle?  That is pretty much what you get when sending audio 
> over the PSTN.
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Hey Eric,
Not at all. And that is a very good point. I would be interested to see 
how the program handles voicemail files. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be 
able to get to it anytime soon (within two weeks or so), but if anyone 
is interested in seeing the results, email me off list and i'll see what 
test i can pull together, otherwise i'll put this on my "project-ideas" 
list and get to it whenever.

-Ryan Brindley

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